依靠科技求发展,不断为用户提供满意的高科技产品,是我们始终不变的追求。在充分了解张力监控技术在生产中的重要性,已成功开发了张力测控仪、闭环控制张力架等系列产品,并获得多项专利证书,本公司产品已广泛应用于线圈绕制、电线电缆、纺织设备等众多领域。以 一流的产品质量和精湛的技术服务受到了用户的一致好评。
    Suzhou Jiduoka Eletro-mechanical Co., LTD. is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales and system integration of high-tech enterprise, We are rapidly raising up in the automatic field of professional level and matured technology.
    Our constantly vision is standing on science to develop the technology, continuing to provide customers with high-tech products solutions. Within the full understanding Tension of surveillance technology production, we has successfully developed tension device series products which has been widely used in the field, in terms of coil around system, wire , cable, textile equipment, etc. We are receiving various customer good comments as we are offering first-class product and exquisite technical services after we deliver the shipment.
    We are in the course of developing stage, as we are constantly collaborate with dozens of domestic R&D institutions centre who is focusing on product design, calibration, debugging, engineering skills. Now, our company scale expands unceasingly. We are intergraded technology entity, in terms of PCB development manufacturing, mechanical engineering and system integration.
    The company carries out "practical-minded, rigorous, unity " as a guideline, to keep developing innovation, take the technology is our core, take the quality is our life, dedicated & customized to provide you highest cost-effective automatic control products, high performance of engineering design and meticulous after-sale service.
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